By Elijah Vicious

His name has become taboo amongst some wrestling fans, and even the WWE but there are still some fans that are talking Chris Benoit. The man was a legend inside the ring, one of if not the best technical wrestlers the business has ever seen.

A man that brought the wrestling back to the wrestling business,  he was a guy that never really had the best microphone skills but his in ring work spoke for itself. A chance storyline where he was with Nancy "Woman" Sullivan started a relationship between the two which lead to a divorce to Kevin Sullivan and their marriage.

Problems arose between Kevin and Chris and later he, Malenko, Saturn, and Guerrero packed their bags walked out of WCW and headed to the WWE. It was a sad moment for WCW as Benoit was crowned the World Champion at the time, but they did what was best for them and he would later win the World Title along with his best friend Eddie Guerrero.

No one can argue Benoit has had a hall of fame career, but the way his life and his families lives ended will forever tarnish what Benoit did for the business and all he has achieved. No one will fully understand why 3 lives ended so tragically in 2007.

Those that are still Benoit fans, not fans of the man that did that horrible act in 2007, but fans of the Chris Benoit that wrestled all those years, in several different countries and rose to the top of the world and was close to claiming a World Title again albeit a waterdowned ECW Title, some would call a Velocity Championship. But he was close to recapturing a major title for some even if it wasn't a title that how much significance to many.

In a way Chris Benoit's chances of a Hall of Fame are like Gary Ablett Snr's chances are, really non-existent, seems the out of sport exploits of both even though Ablett Snr's issues weren't nearly as bad would see them forever outside of the hall of fame.

Though perhaps more accurately it's like Pete Rose, a man that did so much for his sport, did some damage to it and can never be forgotten. Again unlike Rose, Benoit's reasons for being overlooked are very different and aren't comparable just the people themselves can be in a way.

The WWE have tried and almost succeeded in erasing Benoit from much of their history and have started to not to really cut him out of footage that gets shown but they try hard not to reference him in anyway. Fans will forever remember Chris Benoit, some may forget, the newer fans may never know who he was and only know of what he did when his life and 2 others ended.

There's no denying what Benoit did for the business and how much of a wrestling legend he was when it all ended, but for those that want Benoit in the hall of fame you will never see that. As a fan of the Benoit in the ring, never meeting the guy never knowing what he was ever like away from the ring it the focus was just on what he did in the ring he'd be in my hall of fame.

The WWE, and wrestling in general has taken many hits over the years and it was worse when it was revealed what happened and the toxicology report and having him in the Hall of Fame would bring more issues to the WWE and the business than it would ever want.

Old wounds don't need to be re-opened with Benoit considered as a Hall of Fame candidate, some fans may want to dream of this happening it's just never happening. It can't happen.

This blog was the result of a wrestling discussion on a forum about Benoit and the WWE Hall of Fame, it seemed that it was also asked to CM Punk as well about this. I wanted to express my opinion on this.



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    He deserves the HOF, but it's understandable if he never gets it. What he doesn't deserve is to be erased from WWE history. The man gave most of his life to wrestling and that could be what played a part in the horrible events of the end of his career.

    I feel keeping it open will help people learn from this and understand why things are they way they are. The removal of his legacy is just creating sympathy for the wrestler and the push will keep growing until WWE has to acknowledge him/it.

    I understand him not being inducted into the Hall of Fame and to be frank, it's not necessary. I just can't get over their annoying ways of pretending he didn't exist. As a fan, I'm not even out to protect his reputation or anything, I just want access to his work through DVDs, photos and obviously a profile in WWE's site, where his wrestling career is on focus, similar to what they did in the WWE Encyclopedia. I want to enjoy my wrestling in good quality and Benoit has a lot of great work that was shown on free TV and hasn't been recaptured in high quality which makes it a complete waste. I don't need to see him "promoted" or any of that crap, just put his matches on DVD like normal and stop acting like everything involving him is ghost.

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